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We are manufacturing ophthalmic instruments for the last 12 years and enjoy a good reputation in the ophthalmic instrument industry. In the past we only manufactured ophthalmic instruments in stainless steel but now we have started to manufacture these instruments in titanium. Ophthalmic surgeons around the world now prefer titanium instruments because of the distinct quality of this metal. Major advantages of titanium are as under.

Major Advantages of Titanium Instruments:
1. Light Weight:
Titanium instruments are 45% lighter than those made of stainless steel. This is very important for a surgeon whose hands are strained during prolonged operations under a microscope demanding the high precision of manipulations on delicate eye tissues and vessels.

2. Antimagnetic:
In contrast to stainless steel the titanium instruments are non-magnetic. Thus a stainless steel needle would not "stick" to a needle holder made of titanium.

3. No Rust:
Titanium is a non corrosive material and 100% immune to rust therefore we give life time guaranty against rust on these instruments.

4. Long life:
Titanium as compared to stainless steel is much harder therefore the utility of the instruments is greatly enhanced. By virtue of this quality the life of the instruments is much greater. In the light of above information it is evident that by using these titanium instruments you can reduce your purchase bill considerably. Initially, we have started to manufacture needle holders and precision forceps in titanium and hope to expand our range of instruments in future.